Yesterday the governments of America, Great Britain and other countries entered Iraq under the force of arms…

The Earth is a very delicate being
Floating in space
The sun spins around the Earth
The moon is different every night
We are upside-down
The world is also flat
Animals can speak
Trees can feel
The soul lives inside the body
We are all one!
Listen to each other! Listen to each other!
The sea is alive
Fire is alive
Water is alive
The wind is alive
Everything is alive!
And...every living thing should be respected
From human beings to the smallest insect
Let us remember how to care for the living
Let us learn to bury the dead
We must look after the Earth
We human beings have forgotten
Yes...We have forgotten!
And we must remember
Because if not...
We will destroy ourselves...

    When I arrived in Shambala, it was surrounded by a very powerful white light of strange texture, and a hurricane-force wind permeated everything. At the gate there was an entity about four metres high that moved form one side to another like storm lightning.

  But I wished to enter and I quickened my step and I went inside. It was almost impossible to resist the storm, the wind pushed on my body and the white light dazzled me and stopped me seeing anything. Suddenly Ananda ran up to me, she told me that Shambala was in a state of emergency. She had to shout because there was so much noise. She told me to follow her… We made our way as best we could to an enormous dome and we went inside.

  Inside there was much silence, the dome was in darkness, and there was a circle of beings, around three hundred of them, all looking into an enormous orifice. Through the hole, which must have measured about twenty-five metres in diameter, the planet Earth could be seen floating in space.

   The beings gathered there all had the palms of their hands facing downwards and they were healing the planet and its peoples from Shambala… I sat down beside Ananda, I adopted the same position as the rest and I started to give energy to the Earth with them. Now and again, a beam of electric light was generated, which descended at great speed and disappeared into the planet’s atmosphere.

  I stayed like that for a long time and then I started to feel very tired and dizzy, as everything was too intense for me; the energy that was being moved was very great…

   Ananda became aware of my condition immediately and told me that I should go back to my body, as I was not yet prepared for a healing session at this level.

  I understood perfectly and I withdrew from the circle.

   Ananda and I left the room, leaving the others working.  It’s strange, because when I was healing the Earth, I felt that other beings above us were doing the same thing while looking at us…

   Outside the light storm continued, we reached the enormous guardian and Ananda said goodbye and I returned home.  It is really beautiful to know that in other dimensions there are beings who are continually and constantly caring for us, and that, in silence, our personal guides are by our sides.

  Although it was only for a moment, I feel honoured to have been able to help this planet to find a balance, to find peace and to disperse so many fears and conflicts.