The centre

 Today on arrival, before going in, they gave me a purifying shower; I must be mentally contaminated…

  Ananda was waiting for me and we walked to a dome together. This one was different from the rest because it ended in a point that pointed to the sky. Ananda told that we were going to visit the American Indians, and that the pointed dome was the symbol of the tepees, their traditional dwellings and that it pointed to the star Sirius. 

  We entered the dome, there was a circle of Indians, all sitting facing the centre.  Some of them had drums and they were dressed in their ceremonial robes. We sat among them, there must have been about two hundred of them; it was a big place with a very pleasant atmosphere, like a fiesta or a celebration.

  All at once, in the centre of the room, some shapes started to form. The first was a magnificent stag, which was transparent and flickering. In its interior one could see stars joined together to form constellations.

  Ananda told me that the Indians protect the animals of planet Earth and all species in conflict. And that they were masters of internal positioning.

  More animals started to appear, I got up from my place and I went to get a closer look at them. Ananda came with me and took my right hand. I was amazed by the animals, the texture of the stars they had within them… then I realized that I had turned into me as a child, about seven years old.

  I was able to look at the beauty like long ago in my purity, silence and astonishment; it was like holding a mother’s hand on a trip to the zoo, or that’s how I felt…

  Then we found the elements, a small, crackling fire, a mountain stream, leaves flying in circles and fertile soil… and a wonderful big bear standing on its back legs; everything was in perfect harmony.

  On one of the circuits, we suddenly came across an Indian chief, surrounded by his people. He was a little fat and ugly, with a wide nose and a penetrating stare. He must have been about sixty years old, he was sitting down and he was wearing an enormous headdress of eagle feathers.

  He made a sign for me to sit opposite him. Everything he communicated to me from that moment on was in sign language,  “magic of the hands”, he told me that it was one of the oldest languages of Earth, based on intuition. He also told me his name: Sitting Bull, which I have searched for on internet and in Indian is “Tatanka Yotanka”, and his face is exactly the same as in my vision.   The communication he left me with his signs is as follows:

Establish your four cardinal points.
Worship the sky and the great spirit
Respect the earth and Mother Earth
Be in your place
Rest your gaze on the horizon
And rest your vertebral column as does the tree of life
And be, be yourself and give.

For the tree to become big
It must have strong roots

Be yourself, respect yourself
And when you have found your strength

Then, fly like an eagle
Use your sharpness of eye
Your strength and your agility united

Dawn comes in the morning
Watch the sun rising
Unite your heart with the star
In your sacred silence

Let the wind
Caress your dreams
Of a prosperous tomorrow
Full of life and nourishment

Bathe in the river
Feel the water on your body
Wetten your submerged soul
In the clear purity of the coldness
Rest your body on the ground
Feel its deep wisdom
Love will surround your essence
And the truth will reach your life

The spirit of Manitú
Lives in all of us
Every part of his being
Is a star in our body
We are all the universe
And the respect for your life
And the love for your heart
Is the opening to the infinite
To the world and its peoples...

May the Great Spirit be with you
And protect you always...

At that moment, Sitting Bull stopped making signs, he withdrew into himself and said goodbye with a very deep, serious look.  I recuperated my original form and Ananda accompanied me through the animals to the door, and said goodbye to me there.