Today when I arrived at the gate of Shambala, everything around me reminded me of the Himalayas, and I met an angel more than four metres tall beating his wings and blocking my way…  Then the guardian angel asked me the following questions:

  Angel- Where are you going?
  Nyako- I go in search of myself
  A- What do you want?
  N- I want to purify myself
  A- Have you loved?
  N- Yes, I have loved
  A- Why do you want to enter?
 N- Because I need knowledge
  A- Have you come alone?
  N- I come with all of humanity
  A- You may enter...

  The angel vanished and I crossed the threshold, and without knowing how, I found myself in the Kingdom of Ascension…

  Raphaela was there and I asked her the reason for the control, but she didn’t answer me. She started walking and I followed her.

  We reached a very strange door, it was like a wheel from the works of an old golden clock; it was about eight metres tall and it had a golden cross on its inside. On the right of the wheel there were two angels, one on his knees and the other standing behind him worshipping, and on the left there were two more in the same positions, in perfect symmetry.

 Raphaela told me she was going to show me the path of the soul, and we looked in through the wheel...

 I saw a lot of clouds and different souls, some were going up, others were going down, others were in groups, others were floating alone. It was like a great city of souls in space in a state of sublimation.

Then Raphaela explained what I was seeing:

This is where souls come
And here is where souls go
It is the intermediate kingdom
Where beings are collected
And where souls are prepared
Silence is the path to glory
Harmony is the system of the Creator
Everything functions, only because it is pure energy...

 I remarked to Raphaela that the vision was making me nervous and I asked her why she was showing me that place. She didn’t reply, she just started walking.

We reached a barrier of clouds, like a wall, and we went through it. On the other side there was a blinding light, my eyes adjusted slowly and then I saw Sananda, who was looking at me. His presence shone full of love and goodwill. He started to speak to me and I felt as if all his being were caressing me...

Love is primordial
Everything is based on love
On caressing those around you
From your heart, express your feelings
It’s the same as caressing a child
It’s the same as caressing an animal
It’s the same as caressing a flower
It’s the same as caressing the Creator
All is the same, all is love
That comes from your heart
And floods it with golden light
And expands it to the exterior
Every being you meet
Is the exact reflection of the Creator
And the Creator and you are the same
That is the transparency and purity
That my Father truly loves
Don’t forget: love, love and love
And seek your inner silence...
What is inner silence? – I asked him

Silence- replied Sananda- is an inner consciousness, where your most intimate self meets the superior being.  And this gives rise to communication based on silence. A form of worship that helps you to grow and mature your consciousness, making it unlimited…

Silence is also the place where the most authentic being that you are communes with the superior being that nourishes you. It is the communion of the Creator with your soul, it is respect for life and its meeting with your person…

That is silence
That is light
That is you
That is me
That is us all
While we travel through the universe
We find silence
And in an act of worship
We rest the soul
And communicate with the Creator

  One way to reach silence is through deep breathing, meditation and contemplation… But the path you choose is the perfect one for you…

  Practice silence and be with God...                                                       Sananda