The hall of sound

 It’s my second day, my second visit to the Kingdom of Shambala. I’m a little nervous, because last time everything was very intense and also because I feel insecure… I think that perhaps I won’t be able to find the path or to connect… But I am immediately surprised by the image of Shambala in front of me clear and focused.

  I start walking until I reach an oval building, like the one the day before, but the door is different, this one has an open arch with a strange symbol at the top that I don’t recognize and a bell that rings on its own… with a crystalline sound: “ting-a-ling”; it is white and shiny.

  At that moment I turn round and look outside and I admire the pale open sky, full of stars shining with different colours, illuminating the universe; it’s a beautiful image. I turn to look at the door again and I enter the hall.

  Beings that look like Ananda, but smaller, see me and come towards me. They surround me and take my hands. They are like living smiles filled with happiness… It moves me a little to suddenly see so many strange, vibrant people.

  In the centre of the room there is another dome, this one is made of volatile transparent crystal, about five metres in diameter. There are more star beings sitting around it. They are all speaking at the same time and laughing, making a sound that reminds me very much of water bubbling from a spring.

  They accompany me to a free place and I join the group. So much babbling makes me feel a little confused and nervous. In a low voice I call Ananda...

  - Ananda, Ananda!... and she appears from among them smiling, and she places herself at my side. She tells me that we are in the Hall of Sounds… Then a deep silence is generated, everyone becomes quiet at the same time, as if an order had been given by something invisible.

  And from this deep silence, a note starts to sound, a continuous chanting, a vibration which grows and grows… expanding like a wave that slips over the sea and is seen by its white foam…

  Ananda smiles at me and, with a sign, she makes me observe myself. I look and I realise that I look the same as everyone else, that I’m made of stars and that calms me.

  The sounds continue to flow from the singers, with soft melodies, the level of concentration is high. Suddenly, from within the transparent dome, beings begin to materialize… beings that are lying down and seem to be ill. The vibration of the chanting cures them, heals them, I see how they slowly get better. When they finish with a patient, the patient disappears and another in need of help appears…

  So we keep chanting and chanting and then Ananda forcefully whispers these words to me:
- Forget your independence!, Join us in a single chant... Be one with everyone!...
Give yourself up! Don’t be afraid...
  Then the vibration of the sound started to become higher and higher... I felt as if the note was expanding through the universe and bathing the Earth and everyone who lived on it. I can describe the feeling I had a little with this poem:

In the midst of the sound My soul soared
Among whirlpools of light
With reflections of angels
Mysterious voices
Born within hearts
That called out to heaven…
Sounds on high
With their transparent mantles
Cover hearts...
That in an eternal chant
Are together and united
In a single true note...
From glorious silence
To the voice of the angels in heaven
There glides an open smile
That fills with light the souls
That fortunately have the humility
To listen to the chants of others...

  And in that state of ecstasy, we all exploded, in the form of thousands of stars that with their vibration became part of the dome and formed a single pure material.

  I lost my independence and I became one with the sound and I was not afraid to be as one with the others...

  At that exact moment I perceived within me, with great intensity, that our chanting came from our united hearts. It was marvellous; a very special and profound feeling.

  The sound slowly stopped and the vibration came to a halt. The stars of all the beings, including mine, emerged from the crystal dome and returned to their original shapes.

  We sat down again and we maintained a respectful silence for some minutes. Then Ananda touched me on the shoulder and with a sign she told me that I should leave…

  She went to the door with me and she gave me a farewell embrace.

  When I left, I could hear the star beings inside the room, sparkling, full of happiness because of their chanting and what they had experienced…