For the moment I have ended my visits to Shambala, but before closing, I would like to share with you the last two channelings I received.

  The first is from Sananda and the second from my guide Joël :

Like a light on the horizon
Like a flash in the sky
With the body of a human being
With the heart of an angel
Shining with strength
With an open heart
Acclaiming to the world
In a tender childlike sigh
That God exists and that He is with us

The light remains clear
Faith is the strength of the being
Who holds to his limits
On the line between worlds
And channels the presences
That approach humans
To transmit knowledge
To bring light to the Earth

Because... at times
We float in a sea of doubt
And forget our divine origins
And our illuminated stars

That is why with the help
Of angelic presence
And the hard-working Guides
We can embark towards
Our way of life
In light and love

May all your dreams be of glory
For centuries of centuries



And this is the channelling of Joël :

May the light be kindled within you
May the light be kindled in me
May the light be with us
And expand to the horizon

May humanity awaken from its slumbers
Able to contemplate the light
With a clean and pure heart
And may their steps on Earth
Germinate the happiness of living
And so be able to give
The Creator
A new dream
Of love, light and awakening...

Humans! rise up!
Don’t remain in darkness
It is time to ascend
It is the moment to be born into light
It is the time to be...

Like a fountain of light
That comes down from the heavens
And nourishes the beings
That appear below it

Contemplate the sky
Pray with your hearts
Don’t be afraid to live
We are with you
You are not alone

Only call and we will come...

With all my love, may your hearts rest and flower in the illuminated bosom of the Creator and His court