The Snail

  Today is my third day and I find myself on my way to Shambala, it is morning and a clear light pervades everything.

  I reach an enormous gate, it is arch shaped, not enclosed at the top. I pass through the entrance and I find myself in an enormous space… I can see to the horizon.

  Ananda arrives to receive me, her smile is open and I feel safe with her. She bids me good morning and she tells me that today she will show me the snail …

  We begin walking through the vast white space, and we come to a tall hill, like an eight-floor building. There is a path that ascends anticlockwise in a snail.

  We start to climb in silence. Ananda places herself on my right, as if to protect me from the void… The ground is smooth and white; everything is very clean and tidy.

  I soon begin to sense that it isn’t so easy to climb the ramp. I have a strange feeling, like pressure throughout my body and especially at my temples. I look at Ananda to see if she is also affected, but she smiles at me… She makes me observe my body and I realize that I am made of stars just like hers.

  We continue climbing slowly. About halfway, the ground starts to glow, like an intermittent luminous pulsing, and I also start to hear music divided into four phases, four consecutive tones that are repeated over and over…

  The pressure started to become intense, I felt it throughout my body and this frightened me a little. All at once, some transparent beings appeared around The Snail floating in the air and spinning around as if they were following the music. There were lights inside them that flashed on and off. Each shape was a different shade of the rainbow, and if I had to describe them I would call them abstract geometry…

  As we climbed up the pressure became more and more intolerable. Ananda watched me and asked me to endure it and to keep going. Amid sounds, visions, reflections and lights, we reached the top of The Snail . The summit was a circular concavity, like a round hole, perfectly smooth and polished, white as the sand on a beach… It was a very aesthetically-pleasing surface.

  By this time the sounds are deafening and the light is becoming more intense, dazzling me with shafts of light that shoot out in all directions.

  Gradually, I see a crystal sphere taking shape all around me. Ananda moves away from the centre and leaves me alone inside. I am surrounded by a sort of transparent bubble. Inside the sound is dampened and there is more peace…

  I see how a shaft of white light comes down from the sky and surrounds the sphere, which starts to float and to rise slowly. I look up and through the crystal I see how the clouds part. I continue to rise as if I was in a lift and I observe with admiration how we are leaving behind the geometric shapes, and in the blink of an eye we are through the clouds and we reach a new, totally different space.

  The sphere dissolves in the air and I look around me… I am in a sort of enormous desert of white clouds; a resplendent diaphanous light bathes everything. I observe my body and to my surprise I realize I’m human once more…

  As if from within the clouds, a being very like Jesus appears, he is dressed in a blue tunic and he greets me as if he had been waiting for me. He says that his name is Sananda and that the place I find myself in is called “Primogenital Light”. He offers me a seat next to him on a cloud…

  There’s a feeling of purity and calmness that surrounds and protects us, and we remain silently in a very deep meditative state. Sananda says to me:

I know that it has cost you great effort to reach here
That your road has been long and arduous
But you know, my love...
You have always been with us
We have always cared for you

And now that you have arrived
Our hearts are full of joy
Because promises have been fulfilled
And eyes have not wept in vain
Those that suffer have been found
And have helped each other
To reach our side...

May the Creator bless
You and all those who
With humble hearts
Have not lost faith
And have continued ascending
Towards the light...

  When I heard his words I shed some tears... in truth I was tired, my soul was tired of struggling and living. But it was also true that an inner strength had made me carry on, knowing that the light was waiting for me…and at last I had arrived somewhere with my friend Sananda, who I felt I had known all my life.

  When I had calmed down a little, I said to Sananda that I wished to leave, we rose and he accompanied me to the place where I had arrived and he smiled tenderly while he generated the sphere again. Everything was very simple, the sphere descended towards the snail , we passed the geometrical shapes and we landed on the summit. Ananda was there waiting for me and she observed me with gentleness and her head on one side.

  She took care of me as always as we descended the whole snail in silence; the shapes disappeared, along with the sounds and the lights.

  We reached the bottom, Shambala, and Ananda accompanied me to the arched gate and said goodbye to me there. And I went home feeling dizzy and happy at the same time.