The ceremony

  Today is Sunday and I’m on my way to Shambala. When I arrive, the door that greets me is enormous, and I look at it puzzled in case I have taken the wrong path…

  I hear noises inside and I look in. The inside is in shadow; I had never seen darkness in Shambala before. In case I’m not in the right place, I call my guide twice…
- Ananda, Ananda!...

  Then she appears at the door, she looks more serious than usual, she asks me to be silent by putting her index finger to her lips and we enter the hall together.

  The place has an atmosphere that is like Catholic churches, the ceiling is concave and has some strange drawings on it, very cosmic, like circumferences that interpolate. People are placed in rows and they are of many different races.

  They are all repeating the same mantra; a deep, silent mantra, in rhythm rather like the Tibetan mantra for compassion - “ Om-mani-padme-hung”, and the atmosphere is perfumed with a type of incense or perfume that is unknown to me.

  Ananda and I join one of the rows at the back and we join in the prayers. I then realize that there is a priest conducting the ceremony. He is a thin old white man, with blue eyes and lank white hair. He is wearing a green and gold ceremonial robe and he is quite tall.

  In his hands he is holding something like a cross surrounded by a circular ring, which has four glass spheres placed at the four cardinal points, and a six-pointed star at its centre.

  The priest raises this strange sceptre and a powerful white light emerges from the silver star. Seven spheres suddenly appear above him. They are the colours of the rainbow and they move into a vertical line that reminds me of the seven chakras of human beings… The white light becomes more intense and a multitude of white beams emerge from the star and come towards each one of us… the radiance is very intense, almost blinding.

  And surrounded by that white light, there is a tremendous flash and we are all blown out into space, inside the light. It is like a ship transporting conscious beings transformed into light energy.
We travel through the universe, between galaxies, far away we can see a radiant star that shines brighter than the rest and we head towards it.

  We float in the light near that marvellous star, and then I see how another ship of light appears from it and comes towards us, and penetrates our space to form a unit…And in this way we pick up beings from place to place like the school bus which used to come for us in the mornings.

  The ship of light, while picking congregations up in space, traces the lines of an ancient drawing with its course through the cosmos…

  We reach the end of the journey and there are a lot of us inside the same ship suspended in space by the ceremonial light. I feel within me, in all of me, how a magnetic force is attracting us, drawing us towards a gigantic ball of brilliant light. It is the colour of golden light and it moves with life of its own.

  And as water descends towards water, we all join harmoniously with that huge ball of golden light and we disintegrate into particles of light within it.

  In this way, in that mystical and wonderful silence, I let my person rest and disintegrate. In a state of sharing my self with others… and a thought came to my mind, I realized that, “There is a little of me everywhere”...

The golden light surrounds me
My heart feels accompanied
I dissolve in the divine flame
And I reach the lap of the Mother

They are dreams of dreams
It is the original peace
Opening up my human self
To higher dimensions...

It is integration
That arises from disintegration

It is the sacred golden light
That lives in Divine Love
Where I rest my soul
And I find my true dream...

  In that state of fulfilment, we all spent a long time floating in the golden light, until my stars started to group together, forming my original being. The same happened to the others that were with me.

  When we finished the integration process, all the congregations emerged from the ball of light and we started on the way back, accompanying each group to its point of origin, until we reached Shambala on planet Earth. The ceremony in the strange church had finished and Ananda took me to the door, and looking me in the eyes, she said:

Love is everywhere

  I am surprised by the similarity of her phrase and mine…I walked slowly towards my home, with a peaceful heart and a smile on my face…