Planet Earth

  Today, on my way to Shambala, I ‘ve come across a white unicorn on the path; it’s the second time this has happened… It looks at me and slowly comes closer, then it runs through my body with its horn, and when it has confirmed that I am a vision, it goes away without saying a word. I feel that it is a kind of guardian watching over the path to the Kingdom of Shambala.

  As I reach the entrance, I find Ananda waiting for me. She asks me how I am and she tells me that I look a little nervous… I tell her that she is right, that I’m feeling delicate.

  We start walking; we nearly always do so in silence. We come up to a dome, smaller than the others I have visited, and we enter.

  Inside, I find a place about three metres in diameter, it’s circular and it has oval windows all the way round. In the centre there is a kind of cylindrical podium, which is half a metre above the floor.

  We sit on a bench that goes all the way around the room under the windows. It’s a different sort of room, as if it is made from organic materials, with drawings and friezes around the windows and on the ceiling. It all seems to be carved and moulded…it reminds me a little of Antonio Gaudí’s architecture.

  We remained in silence, I was admiring this bizarre place when suddenly all the windows started to show images of Planet Earth of great beauty. Scenes of sunsets, of snow-covered mountains, great oceans with reflections of the sun, incredible images of enormous deserts, valleys, all with disturbing clarity… there were even images on the podium.

  It felt like we were in a UFO, and we were flying over wonderful areas of the Earth. Suddenly, the projections stop and everything goes blank again.

  Then I am surprised to see something slowly taking shape at the podium in the middle of the room. An old man wearing a tunic that reaches the floor. He has a long white beard and he has a twisted wooden stick in his left hand, like the branch of a tree.

  As it materializes, the shape turns round on itself, until it is fully formed. He stops in front of us and he tells me that he is Merlin; he slowly extends his right hand with the palm turned downwards.

  He asks me to place myself under his hand, looking outwards...I look at Ananda and she smiles at me and nods in encouragement.

  I get up feeling rather insecure and I go towards him. He has a very dominating presence. I approach him and I place myself under his hand with my back to him and I close my eyes…

  Then I feel a breeze on my face and I open my eyes… I am surprised to find myself in a leafy wood, and where Merlin had been there is a gigantic tree with wet bark.
  I feel that either the scale is out of proportion or that I am smaller than usual. Everything smells of wetness and flowers, as if it had just finished raining. There is a lot of green moss, ferns, fungi and all kinds of forest plants… Birds can be heard singing in the crowns of the trees.

  It is a really pure, virgin place… I feel my whole body healing itself, and then I hear the voice of Merlin like an echo ringing through the entire wood:

Feel the wind in the trees
Bathe your feet in the river
Rest your body on the fresh grass
Watch the white clouds pass by
And the birds soaring on the air currents
Listen to the little insects sing
And admire the fluttering butterfly
Embrace yourself! Love yourself!
And in that song of sweetness and enchantment
Let Mother Earth cradle your soul...

 - You are human – Merlin continues – everything around you, the moss, this tree, the plants the flowers, the stone... Everything is made of the same matter as you; you are the same. If you love yourself, if you learn to love yourself and everything around you, from the biggest to the smallest, then you will learn to love the Earth and to live in harmony with her.

  Do not forget, my love, you are a human being and as such you should love your condition and this beautiful planet called Earth…

  Then I felt myself return to the room, I turned round and saw how Merlin dematerialized before my eyes with a smile of love on his wise face.

  Ananda got up from the bench and went towards the door, I followed her in silence and we walked to the exit, and without saying a word to me she said goodbye and went back towards Shambala…

  On the way back home, these words came to me:

Mother Earth, I love you!
May us humans learn to care for you
May offerings be made to you for your generosity
Because life is within you
And we need you, Mother Earth
We need you!