Selena is like that

This morning when I arrived in Shambala, everything was moving more than usual, as if everything was going out of focus and then refocusing, rising and falling. I felt that Shambala was not a place, but many places with different frequencies that adapted to the visitor, which was quite dizzying.

   All at once, a feminine being appears before me, a slim iridescent woman made of stars, with two dragonfly wings. She says her name is Selena and she takes my hand and leads me away.

  And I say: - Selena, where are you taking me?  But she offers no reply, she just sings and laughs.  She flies me up into the air, we take a rainbow path and we start to spin and spin around in a whirl of colours, at the speed of a roller coaster, and I plead with Selena to stop, that I’m getting dizzy...She tells me that if I were able to reach Shambala, then I could dance with her and she laughs...everything is full of spirals with stars and bright colours moving like a kaleidoscope.  We fly over a transparent blue sea, a different sea, it’s whiter and it isn’t on Earth… we do a ninety-degree turn and plunge into the water.

  - Don’t be afraid of drowning, says Selena – but I’m afraid of not being able to breathe... 

- Let yourself go, let yourself go! Selena shouts- Play with the water!,  Play with the bubbles!,  Let yourself go! ...

  I start to feel tired, I feel old, and I want to think with Ananda... Ufff!... Then Selena takes my hand and starts to drag me through the water, we can hear distant singing and suddenly, from different directions, seven transparent dolphins approach, each one a different colour of the rainbow.

  Selena greets them and they all start playing and going round in circles.  They drag me through the sea again, Selena pulls at me and we suddenly appear on a beach, we walk along the hot sand and we find a white conch shell. There’s a flash… and we are in Shambala once more.

 How dizzying! And Selena is shouting: - Let yourself go, play! then a dolphin comes up to me and says:  - Selena is like that!, What can we do? And they all laugh and turn that refrain into a song that they repeat over and over, while they circle around me…

Selena is like that, what can we do?
Selena is like that, what can we do?

  Suddenly, they all rush off at great speed and leave me alone…everything is quiet, I feel really dizzy, I feel anxious, I feel old and I want to go home… and I don’t know how to get back…

  Then I hear a distant murmur through the water that is coming closer, and then I see them all coming towards me from different directions and… Flashhh! They are all around me and they start to tickle me, with bubbles, with their snouts and Selena with her hands… Then I start to laugh and laugh and I can’t stop… It’s a feeling of pleasure bordering on hysteria, the pressure becomes so intense that I can’t keep it inside my body, and I explode into a thousand pieces.

  And all of my stars turn into tiny fish that swim around together in a school. They swim up and then down, I suddenly start to worry in case one of them gets lost and I become incomplete…

  But that doesn’t happen. They follow tremendous currents and bubbles. They circle round me again and again at great speed and they start to sing, and while they are singing they start to join together, one with another, and I turn into a dolphin.

   Yes, I’m a dolphin! And we’re all going to play, Selena grabs me and we swim together. I’m not afraid any more! I’m happy! The dolphins and I play and chase each other in the blue water.

The dolphins are my friends
They are very wise beings
Full of happiness and full of heart.

When I swim with them
I remember myself
Playing with life, feeling its weightlessness
That it is light and can fly

I recover my forgotten happiness
And I smile with my whole body
Able to feel the force and the strength
Of playing and offering myself to others...  

  Selena catches up to me and holding onto my body she leads me towards the centre and tells me that it is time for me to return home. I beg her to let me do a jump and Selena gives me permission . I get up speed and go towards the surface and leap up… I’m in the air, spinning around, shining, it’s wonderful and I fall back. Splashhhh. I am happy!, Yes, I feel very happy! ...

  My dolphin friends say goodbye and leave. I regain my original shape, Selena accompanies me to the shore and says goodbye with a big smile of mission accomplished, and I return home.

  I feel inside that the beings of Shambala are very detached... when they’re there, they’re there, and if they aren’t they aren’t, what they have to do, they do well, and that’s it…