It is Monday, I have arrived in Shambala and I feel very strange, because everything was stopped. It was like when you go to the fairground, you get the day wrong and you find everything closed.

  You look in and you can see all the attractions on the other side of the fence, as if they were sleeping. I called Ananda, but she didn’t appear, I called again and she still didn’t appear…

  Then I felt that in my terrestrial body, someone was stroking my head and a voice was saying: come back, come back… you can’t go to Shambala today, it is closed to you. Get a pen and write down a message that we have for you…  And that’s what I did. I got up puzzled, I picked up my notebook and this is what they told me:

Why do you suffer, my child?
Can’t you see that the whole universe exists
For you to contemplate
And that your own interior
Is another universe full of life
Created to contain you 

So do not suffer, but contemplate
The universe and your universe
That clothes and shelters you 

When the wonder of the mystery of life
Materialises in a human body
That is reason enough for joy and happiness
Of human and divine mystery 

So love yourself and praise yourself
Because you are made
In the image and likeness of God

  The guides always remind me that they are with me.  I often feel lonely and lost in a world that I find difficult to understand. It is then that I turn to them, and they give me words such as these, poems that fill my life and spirit with hope and the strength to carry on.

  Continually, again and again, I call on them for advice and they give me their unconditional support.

  One way to start to channel is to sit down at a table and look for inner silence. Make sure that no one can interrupt this process or bother you. Then breathe deeply until you enter a state of deep meditation…

  Then with a piece of paper and a ball pen, you write down, accurately and with love, a question you have about a problem you have or something you feel confused or sad about at that moment of your life...

  Wait, keep meditating and breathing. You will see that you will soon start to write down your answers, it could be you yourself that does the writing, or your guide, who will give you his name, or an angel or perhaps your superior self…  It doesn’t really matter; the most important thing is to evolve and to get help from wherever you can… always through your heart.  This is the message that they gave me after the poem:

 Everything is impermanent, everything is in movement, words, deeds, feelings, your heart… everything is continually changing. You have to learn to move, to not stagnate in the monotony of being afraid to discover new things.

  Be happy about the sunrise that greets you every day, and give your self permission to experience new things, meet new people, explore new situations, and go with them like water flowing in the mountains.

  Open up! Open your heart and your being to the experience of life, because if you don’t… you are living the experience of death… of darkness.

  These are my words for today, words of light that are sent to you from Shambala, so that you can understand that life is offering you thousands of ways to express your capabilities, your humility and your good heart.

  While I’m telling you this, I stroke your head, because I know that these words are hard for you and they hurt you. But I have to say them to you because it is necessary and inevitable that soon you will start to walk with your knowledge and share it with others… but you must give yourself up to your superior being and know that you must give your time to others.

  Give and you will receive, be and you will be, and we will take care of you…   Namasté my love, may the light always accompany you, your guide.....................................................Joël.

  For me, explaining my channelling to others is a new experience, but it is clear that the moment has arrived and it makes me very happy to be able to do so with love.....................................Nyako