The dance class

  Today when I arrived in Shambala, Ananda was waiting for me and that calmed me. She was very happy and she greeted me happily and said: Come on, come on, the dance class has already begun! – We ran out and went into a hall…

  It was full of people made of stars, and I looked at my body and I realized that it was made of stars too. There was a lot of babbling and excitement. I suddenly found myself immersed in movement and dancing… little groups were formed and with our bodies we composed shapes.

  In the next movement we separated, there was music and people sang a melody. A circle started to form outside, then another started to form inside and finally three people joined together in the centre, and Ananda shouted: -The Trinity!...

   And we all started to sing louder and in the middle of the three a white light took shape, which rose up like a star floating on the air, and spread its luminous trail throughout the room.

   At once the choreography broke up and a new one started, the people shouted and spun around, and then we joined a line, like in the Conga, and a spiral took shape. Then, from the back of the line, the dancers started to chant a sound which was passed from one to another until it reached the centre, and at that moment we all sang together and another star emerged from the hands of the person in the centre and Ananda shouted: - The Spiral!...

  Without stopping dancing, we all joined hands and formed squares, the biggest outside, another in the middle and finally, four people in the middle with their arms raised together. The song started to get faster and another star shot out and Ananda shouted: - The Pyramid!...

  Then we all started moving again and we got in line again, forming another spiral, but this time the people began changing colour and each of us was a different shade. A sound was heard at the end of the line which moved towards the centre, and when it arrived we all sang, and a gigantic rainbow emerged, and Ananda shouted: - The Rainbow!...
We all laughed and clapped fervently, we jumped around from one place to another and we took each other’s arms and spun around…it was great fun, and we carried on until all the lights of the rainbow faded away. Then there was a deep silence, and it was as if the illumination of the hall was transformed, and everyone left the centre and formed a circle…

  A dancer emerged from among us, I don’t know her name, she was a very beautiful woman, her movements were harmonious and full of beauty.

  As she was dancing, her stars changed their shape and colours, and when she moved she formed wonderful images created by an infinite number of luminous points that reminded me a little of those lamps with crystal filaments…  They called it the dance of the stars, and special music could be heard on the air which guided her movements…    Then the dancer made a broad gesture with her arm and her stars  opened up like a fan to form a huge image, which filled the entire hall, of the top half of a woman whose face was full of compassion and sweetness…  It was the Heavenly Mother who in song gave us these words:

I am the feminine energy of the cosmos
And I open myself to the Earth
And in my infinite kindness I send
Blessings for all my children equally
I am the Cosmic Mother
I have come to speak of love
Love of life and its people
Love for children and the old
I am she that nourishes
She who protects and she who delivers
She who caresses those who suffer
She that suckles those who are hungry
I love my children
Love each other too
Help and support each other
I will not abandon you
But do not abandon each other
Bathe in the light of compassion
The universe goes with you
With its song and its dance
You are points of light in the immensity
And you all fit in my lap...

May prosperity, love and health be with you all... 

 Then the Cosmic Mother disappeared and Ananda shouted:  - Free dancing!

  And we all started dancing, each in their own way. We felt happy and full of love, we met each other and embraced and we loved each other a lot...

  Then Ananda said:  May the Cosmic Mother protect you all!...and the dance class broke up

  I went home, it was the first day I went back alone, that nobody went with me to the road back, and that made me feel, how can I put it… grown up.