The initiation of Kamadón

 I thought it strange, because today when I arrived in Shambala, Ananda was waiting for me with a tunic like the ones the Franciscans wear, with a cowl to cover your head.   We started walking through a garden… it was full of people walking along the paths wearing cowled habits and I asked Ananda what was happening. She answered that it was an important day in Shambala; it was the “Day of Sacred Knowledge”, and that on this day people talked among themselves and told each other of the knowledge they had acquired, so that they could learn from one another…  The tunics, she said, represented the colour of each person’s soul and the cowls were a sign of inner contemplation.  We continued walking very calmly, there were flowers everywhere of all colours and lots of couples could be seen strolling slowly as they explained things to each other. The flowers were a sign of opening and the walking was the expression of sacred inner movement.

  It was very beautiful, to see so many people so pacifically sharing their inner states in this way. There were also fountains of crystalline water, which people sat around while they were conversing...

  We walked up to a dome in the middle of the garden, and Ananda remarked: - Well, we have arrived...look at your tunic to see what colour you are-. I looked at myself and I suddenly saw myself in blue, and from blue I turned to orange, and from orange to violet. I became anxious and Ananda said: - Don’t think… just look.

  So we entered the hall, there were many beings like myself, in their hooded tunics, and in the centre there was a dark priest who was about sixty years old, with bright, emerald green eyes. He had no hair and he was wearing jewellery, necklaces with symbols, broad gold bracelets and rings with precious stones. His robe was ceremonial, in many bright colours, and when he stretched out his arms there were wings the colours of satin silk, following the design of the wings of Isis.

  Ananda remarked that he was Maestro Kamadón, “The Healer of Souls”, and that his origins were in Egypt and Mesopotamia and that he was an apostle of the Goddess Isis.  The master was wearing a cylindrical cap like the ones the pharaohs wore.  He was healing a young woman who was lying on an alter. Then he finished, raised his eyes and smiled at me, and he beckoned me to him.

  The alter seemed to be of white marble, I lay down face up and he raised his arms and spread his wings, his white teeth shone in an attractive smile. He put his hands on me and began extracting my organs one by one. He cleaned them and he extracted from them a kind of dark mud, which he threw behind him to two assistants who collected it into containers, and then he replaced the organs in their original positions.

   In this way he cleaned all my organs one by one, and then he cleaned my bones, my flesh and my brain. And finally he raised up my body of light; while he was healing me he used a language unknown to me.

 Then he put his hands on my heart chakra and he started to stir up my past lives…in one life he cleaned my legs, in another my spine, in another my mind, and in this way, he removed the dark mud from life after life. His hands started to move faster, like a speeded-up film, until he had finished.

  I lost track of time and I had a sense of vertigo when I felt such accelerated changes.

  He rested for a moment and he said to me: - “Now I’m going to do the Healing of the Winged Heart”. He put his hands once again on my heart chakra and suddenly a whirl of light emerged which reached the ceiling and stayed there, spinning around at great speed.  My primordial shape was inside that whirling, I could see it clearly, and then as fast as it had appeared, the vortex disappeared.

   Maestro Kamadón then told me that he was going to enter my third eye, and that I should close my eyes, not think and trust him. He took out a golden pin and started to push on my third eye.

The pressure became greater and greater, to the point where my physical body on earth began to feel it. The image of Anubis appeared to me all the time, as if it were he who was operating on me.

  Then the process finished and Kamadón put his hands together on his chest in the form of prayer and recited aloud:

My dear brother
In order to ascend
First you must purify
For the heart to fly
It must first have wings
This is the law of ascension
It is the primordial light
Purify the heart
So that it may fly
To join with your superior self
Who is waiting in great expectation
Let go of the burden of attachment
Give up your knowledge to the light
Because it is time to ascend
It is time to go home
It is time to leave behind your old self
And join with your new reality...  

  Then he made me repeat the following prayer with him:

  - In the name of the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, may my being remain in knowledge, humility and compassion…and may I pass on the wisdom I acquire to others.

  He helped me to rise, I felt as if I was floating, Ananda came for me and helped me to leave the dome.

   Once outside, she embraced me, she called me brother and she welcomed me as a member of Shambala.

   I returned to my life slowly and tired, feeling inside me that nothing would be the same from this moment on.