I was on my way to Shambala, I walked and walked and never seemed to arrive. The way was a floating path that climbed and climbed… That made me nervous because I was afraid of getting lost. But I kept climbing, I felt deep down that I was leaving the Kingdom of Shambala behind…

  This was confirmed when I passed through some clouds and I recognised the place I found myself in as the one I had previously visited when I met Sananda in the primogenital light…

  I hadn’t passed through the Snail hill, but I was in the upper kingdom. I started walking through the clouds and I came to a door made from the figures of two sitting angels with a planet between them floating in the air.  I crossed the threshold and a small spiral of clouds immediately formed and an angel appeared.

 It was the Angel of the Resurrection. He moved his great wings, causing a wind and these words flowed from him:

Purity is essential for ascension
Finding your inner balance
Breathing the ozone of my beating wings
Giving up your mind to the vision of rendition
Not wasting your feelings on attachments
Give up your heart to working freedom
My love! My love!
Give yourself to the light
Don’t waste time on superficial situations
It is time to ascend, it is time to purify yourself
The steps are marked down on the clouds
Adonaí! Adonaí!
Free me of my sins
They weigh me down like bundles full of guilt...

  The Immortal Angel continued to move his wings furiously, all the clouds around us were like little hurricanes.  I looked at the angel and answered:

  - But Immortal Angel, I feel so small here, looking at you, among the clouds; I really feel very small…

  The angel replied: - God cares for all, from the greatest to the smallest. Don’t fear for the size of your body, but instead hold on to that of your heart, and your heart is big, big enough to embrace the suffering of your fellow men and the wisdom of the omnipresent God.

  I answered him joyfully:- Well, if my heart is big enough to be able to ascend…  Yes,  I want to ascend, master!  Yes, I want to!...

  Then the Angel of the Resurrection disappeared instantly in a vortex-shaped cloud.

   In the distance I saw a slim woman approaching. She was wearing a tunic that went down to her feet and she had red, free-flowing hair. She told me her name was Raphaela, in honour of the Archangel Raphael, and she offered me a tunic like the one she was wearing, and she told me to put it on.

  We walked for a while on the clouds and without knowing how, we arrived before Sananda, who was standing there smiling and he started talking to me. He said:

   Humility, compassion and knowledge are the three fundamental pieces for ascension. A pure heart and an open mind. Lose your fear of the integration and disintegration of your being and give yourself to the light in an altruistic way.  Step by step, with your heart in your hands, addressing your superior self, in silence, in humility, to bring out the communion with your highest and most complete self.  My love...that is ascension. We will guide you; Shambala will guide you and the Earth itself will guide you too. Don’t be afraid and come with us, we are waiting for you with hope and veneration. Because we love all those who ascend and we venerate it as a sacred act of an entity in search of perfection and unconditional love.

  Sananda became silent and I just observed and then in a quiet voice he continued:

  You must generate your own Shambala; you must recognize that when the wind blows in the crowns of the trees, it is the voice of the heart of God.

  Make everything around you a manifestation of the Creator on Earth, bring the scent of flowers to Planet Earth, let the rain caress you and nourish the nature around you.

  Open a gap in the sky and cause the blessing of paradise on earth to fall on you and all those around you.  That is your mission, to anchor the subtle kingdoms on Earth, to have sufficient strength that the birds will be happy and sing…and that all nature may live in harmony with the Creator and its inhabitants.

  Represent the Earth in heaven, bring heaven to Earth, and little by little people that are in need of your wisdom and compassion will visit you so that you may teach them. So that you may kindle their hopes and give them strength to continue on their path in search of the light.

  And soon, open your wings and fly in search of your place on Earth, where your dreams turn into reality and reality holds everything you need.

  I give you my blessing, my love, and don’t lose hope. Travel like light through darkness, and find your holy place and establish there a representation of Shambala on Earth.  Miracles will happen, light will come into darkness and love will germinate in small subtle ways only perceptible to the small beings that seek illumination and unconditional love.  We will support you, we will be by your side and we will bless your work…  May the infinite glory of the Creator be with you…   There was another silence... I was looking at Sananda open-mouthed as if I were hypnotized.   I felt as if there were a halo around me, a golden light that gave me protection and love... I also felt a sensation of peace and opening.

  Then Raphaela took my arm and accompanied me to the threshold of the two angels, and she said she would be my guide in the kingdom of the teachings of ascension.

  She embraced me and said:- Namasté, my love...and I made my way home surprised.