The conference

 Today when I arrived in Shambala, I was surprised to find Sananda waiting for me, he was very serious and quiet… After greeting me, he asked me to follow him and he started to walk. He led the way, climbing an interminable hill; I watched him walking and I suddenly realized that Sananda was not touching the ground, nor did he move his feet; he was floating a few centimetres above the ground.

  I started to feel exhausted from so much climbing… When we reached the top of a slope, we turned to the right and we came upon a leafy wood and entered it. Its flowers and fruits were phosphorescent, in very bright colours; everything was brighter than on the Earth.

  After walking a little further, we came to an oval clearing in the middle of the undergrowth. There were seats carved out of stone placed so that they faced the centre and in the middle the clearing was free of plants, it was flat. In the centre, on the ground, there was a kind of transparent crystal lens.

  Sananda, with a gesture of his hand, told me to take a seat, and I did so. Then other beings started to arrive from all directions.  Some of them seemed to be human, others no; there were blue and yellow beings, their robes were also different, some shone and seemed to be more galactic.

  Everybody sat down, and I felt that I was taking part in an important meeting for some unknown reason.  This was strange for me, because I find it difficult to adopt serious attitudes.  That’s for people who make decisions... to sit down and be part of a group that decides the future of a community, or something like that. I have always been a very independent person who lives life in a very simple way, without having responsibilities or being involved with the outside world.

  But in Shambala everything is a lesson, and mine was that I had to change this way of life and start to have a more responsible, a more masculine, attitude…  I was in that state of insecurity when a transparent dome started to surround us; I suppose it was to protect us…

  An elderly bald man, with a big nose and a blue complexion started to speak; he seemed to be worried. His words were not words, but a texture and all at once, on the ground between us, an image started to form in the lens, which I realized was a screen. The image was like a huge cell or virus, it had hair and blotches, it moved and shone like jelly, it made me feel disgusted and afraid. I felt disgusted when I looked at it, but I knew at the same time that it was vital that I do so…

  The old man gesticulated while he continued to add texture and different colours...until he stopped talking and looked at us all with a weary expression.  Then Sananda got up and started to express himself…   the texture that he generated was different, whiter, more analytic. Then a pale comforting light started to form around us and the atmosphere relaxed a little. Then Sananda stopped gesticulating and sat down. There was a quite a long silence, the bug kept moving on the screen on the ground.

  Then, as if someone had given an invisible order, we all joined hands and concentrated…  A dense golden light started to emanate from our hearts and bodies, directed towards the virus, or whatever it was, and to my surprise I saw how that powerful light dissolved the thing within the lens little by little, enveloping it in a white texture… until it disappeared completely from our sight.  Then there was a feeling of clarity in the air, as if something dark and harmful had gone away...

From heaven to the Earth
Beings pray for peace
It is time to join hands
It is time to unite hearts
To bring together positive wishes
And send them to the sick world 

Because the need to heal
Is found in all life

  Chains of men and women
Joined by their hands
Praying to heaven and to Earth
That pain may diminish
And health and peace emerge 

Because thoughts are real
They have life of their own. They are alive!
And if humankind awakens
With its inner strength it can
Sow the earth with prosperity
And help those that suffer
To find comfort and cure 

I feel that I witnessed the healing, in some place or planet, of a serious illness produced by that strange entity. In the healing there was strength, but also integrity and compassion.

  I suddenly realized that the dome was rising from the ground and we shot out into space together at the speed of light… and we reached the stars. We stopped there and all around us there were sparks of golden light, like fountains or fireworks, which propagated around the universe and dispersed into space.

  In a matter of seconds we returned to Shambala, and the protective dome faded away. We looked at one another and Sananda signalled to me to follow him and he accompanied me to the door and said goodbye. When I was going, I saw him making strange, brusque signs, I thought that he was not real, but a hologram sent to help me, or something like that, I don’t know, I found the experience difficult, but that’s how it was…